About Us

Award-winning architectural & interior design practice



Over 20 years after its foundation Diana Interiors is a leading contemporary interior design studio with hundreds completed residential and commercial projects across Europe. We work on the assumption that a project is successful if it combines style, sophistication and chic. Our aim is to harmonise luxury & elegance within your lifestyle as we believe that every place has untapped potential and by pushing the limits we discover the essence in every detail. By having fun, following the new trends and using creativity every step of the way, we built the habit of awaking our client’s inner comfort and a sense of pride. Our personalised service is unique from concept to implementation as we support the demand that the best colour in the room is the one that looks good on you! To offer a complete service to our clientele, in 2020 we launched online store paired with showroom – Diana Casa!

We break walls & rules to design space which invokes creativeness, satisfaction & imagination.